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List of artists on the subject
The Sinful Woman

AVELLINO, Onofrio (Italian, 1674-1741)
BÉRAUD, Jean (French, 1849-1936)
BIDA, Alexandre (French, 1823-95)
BOSCOLI, Andrea (Italian, 1560-1607)
BOULLOGNE, Louis de (French, 1654-1733)
BOUTS, Dieric, the Elder (Flemish, c. 1415-75)
Caliari, Benedetto (Italian, 1538-98), After
Caliari, Benedetto (Italian, 1538-98), Attributed to
CAROLSFELD, Julius Schnorr von (German, 1794-1872)
CARRACCI, Lodovico (Italian, 1555-1619)
CIGOLI, Lodovico (Italian, 1559-1613)
CRETI, Donato (Italian, 1671-1749)
DALÍ, Salvador (Spanish, 1904-89)
DELACROIX, Eugčne (French, 1798-1863)
DELAROCHE, Paul (French, 1797-1856)
DUCHANGE, Gaspard (French, 1662-1757)
DUDHAT, Bhanu (Indian, b. 1949)
DUMONSTIER, Geoffroy (French, c. 1510-73)
GIORDANO, Luca (Italian, 1632-1705)
GOBELINS (Manufacturers)
GREYS, Antoine
HOLE, William Brassey (English, 1846-1917)
HONDIUS, Abraham Danielsz. (Dutch, 1625-91)
JOUVENET, Jean-Baptiste (French, 1644-1717)
Jouvenet, Jean-Baptiste (French, 1644-1717), After
LA MONCE, Ferdinand de (French, 1678-1753)
LE BRUN, Charles (French, 1619-90)
Luti, Benedetto (Italian, 1666-1724), After
Manara, Baldassare (Italian, d. 1546/7), Style of
MANZUOLI, Tommaso (Italian, c. 1531-71)
MARSAUD, Marie Méloé (French, 1817-82)
MERIAN, Matthaeus, the Elder (Swiss, active in Germany, 1593-1650)
Merian, Matthaeus, the Elder (Swiss, active in Germany, 1593-1650), After
Merian, Matthaeus, the Elder (Swiss, active in Germany, 1593-1650), Copy after
NAUMANN, Paul (German)
PÁNDY, Lajos (Hungarian, 1895 -1957)
PARMIGIANINO (Italian, 1503-40)
POUSSIN, Nicolas (French, 1594-1665)
Poussin, Nicolas (French, 1594-1665), After
Raimondi, Marcantonio (Italian, c. 1480-1534), After
RAJ, Solomon (Indian)
Raphael (Italian, 1483-1520), After Workshop of
Raphael (Italian, 1483-1520), Inspired by
RESTOUT, Jean (French, 1692-1768)
RUBENS, Peter Paul (Flemish, 1577-1640)
Rubens, Peter Paul (Flemish, 1577-1640), Inspired by
SANTOSA, Hari (Indonesian, b. 1952)
SCHEITS, Matthias (German, c. 1625/30-c. 1700)
STROZZI, Bernardo (Italian, 1581-1644)
Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista (Italian, 1696-1770), Attributed to
TIEPOLO, Giovanni Domenico (Italian, 1727-1804)
Tintoretto (Italian, c. 1518-94), Attributed to
TISSOT, James (French, 1836-1902)
UNKNOWN; Chinese Master
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Children's Bible
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Jerome Nadal's 'Evangelicae Historiae Imagines', 1593
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'L'Histoire du Vieux et du Nouveau Testament', Nicolas Fontaine (author), 1670
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'L'Histoire du Vieux et du Nouveau Testament', Nicolas Fontaine (author), 1699
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'St. Albans Psalter', England, first half of 12th century
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'Vie de Jésus Mafa' (French)
UNKNOWN; Master Connected to the Protestant Reformation Era Writings (mainly German, 16th century)
UNKNOWN; No Artist Information Available
VALLOTTON, Annie (Swiss)
VERONESE, Paolo (Italian, 1528-88)
Veronese, Paolo (Italian, 1528-88), After
WEIGEL, Johann Christoph (German, 1654-1725)