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List of artists on the subject
The Crucified Christ in Various Compositions

ABBATE, Niccolò dell' (Italian, c. 1509-71)
ADAMS, Norman (English, 1927-2005)
AITCHISON, Craigie (Scottish, b. 1926)
ATTIRET, Jean-Denis (French, 1702-68)
Baciccio, Il (Italian, 1639-1709), After
BAROCCI, Federico Fiori (Italian, c. 1535-1612)
Barocci, Federico Fiori (Italian, c. 1535-1612), Inspired by
BARTOLOMMEO, Fra (Italian, 1472-1517)
BASSET (Basset Md d'Estampes et Fabricant de Papiers Peint, Paris)
BECCAFUMI, Domenico (Italian, c. 1486-1551)
BELLECHOSE, Henri (Flemish, active 1415-40)
BELLEGAMBE, Jean (Flemish, c. 1480-1535)
BERMEJO, Bartolomé (Spanish, c. 1405-98)
BERNINI, Gian Lorenzo (Italian, 1598-1680)
Bernini, Gian Lorenzo (Italian, 1598-1680), After
BLAKE, William (British, 1757-1827)
BLOEMAERT, Abraham (Flemish, 1564-1651)
Bonfigli, Benedetto (Italian, c. 1420-96), Attributed to
Borzone, Luciano (Italian, 1590-1645), Circle of
BOSCH, Hieronymus (Dutch, c. 1450-1516)
BOUCHARDON, Edmé (French, 1698-1762)
CALANDRUCCI, Giacinto (Italian, 1646-1707)
Calandrucci, Giacinto (Italian, 1646-1707), Workshop of
CALDARA, Polidoro (Italian, c. 1500-43)
CANTARINI, Simone (Italian, 1612-48)
Caravaggio (Italian, 1571-1610), After
CARPEAUX, Jean-Baptiste (French, 1827-75)
Carracci (one of the Carraccis), Attributed to
Carracci (one of the Carraccis), School of
CARRACCI, Agostino (Italian, 1557-1602)
CARRACCI, Annibale (Italian, 1560-1609)
Carracci, Annibale (Italian, 1560-1609), After
Carracci, Annibale (Italian, 1560-1609), Circle of
CARRACCI, Lodovico (Italian, 1555-1619)
CASOLANI, Alessandro (Italian, 1552-1606)
CAVAROZZI, Bartolomeo (Italian, c. 1590-1625)
CHAGALL, Marc (Russian/French, 1887-1985)
CHAMPAIGNE, Philippe de (French, 1602-74)
Cigoli, Lodovico (Italian, 1559-1613), Workshop of
CLARISSE Master (Italian, active second half of 13th century)
CLAUDE Lorrain (French, 1600-82)
COELLO, Claudio (Spanish, 1642-93)
CONEGLIANO, Giambattista Cima da (Italian, c. 1459-1517/18)
Contarini, Giovanni (Italian, 1549-1604), Attributed to
CORNEILLE, Michel, the Younger (French, 1642-1708)
COUTURE, Thomas (French, 1815-79)
CRETI, Donato (Italian, 1671-1749)
CRIVELLI, Taddeo (Italian, c. 1425-79)
CZIGÁNY, Dezsö (Hungarian, 1883-1938)
DALÍ, Salvador (Spanish, 1904-89)
DICKSEE, Sir Frank (English, 1853-1928)
DOSS, Anthony (Indian)
DOSSI, Battista (Italian, 1474-1548)
Dossi, Battista (Italian, 1474-1548)?
DUPRÉ, Georges (French, 1869-1909)
Dyck, Sir Anthony Van (Flemish, 1599-1641), Inspired by
ETTY, William (English, 1787-1849)
FABRE, François-Xavier (French, 1766-1837)
FACCINI, Pietro (Italian, 1562-1602)
FARINATI, Paolo (Italian, 1524-1606)
FENZONI, Ferraù (1562-1645)
Ferrari, Defendente (Italian, c. 1490- after 1531), Style of
FIORENZO di Lorenzo (Italian, c. 1445-1525)
Floris, Frans (Flemish, c. 1516-1570), Attributed to
FURTMEYER, Berthold (active c. 1500)
GADDI, Taddeo (Italian, 1300-66)
GAUGUIN, Paul (French, 1848-1903)
GEORGIN, François (French, 1801-63)
GÉRÔME, Jean-Léon (French, 1824-1904)
GHEZZI, Pier Leone (Italian, 1674-1755)
GILL, Eric (English, 1882-1940)
GIOTTO di Bondone (Italian, 1267-1337)
GIULIO Romano (Italian, c. 1499-1546)
GOSSAERT, Jan (Flemish, c. 1478-1532)
GOURDEL, Pierre (French, 1821-92)
GRANET, François Marius (French, 1775-1849)
GRECO, El (Greek/Spanish, 1541-1614)
GUERCINO (Italian, 1591-1666)
Guercino (Italian, 1591-1666), School of
HAQUETTE, Georges Jean Marie (French, 1854-1906)
HEMESSEN, Jan Sanders van (Flemish, c. 1500-56)
HERRERA, Francisco de, the Elder (Spanish, 1576-1656)
HIERTHES (Lithographers)
HOLBEIN, Hans, the Younger (German, 1497-1543)
INGRES, Jean-Auguste-Dominique (French, 1780-1867)
ISENBRANT, Adriaen (Flemish, c. 1490-1551)
ISLE-ADAM (Manufacturers) (France)
JACOPO del Sellaio (Italian, c. 1442-93)
JACQUAND, Claude (French, 1805-78)
JEAN-HAFFEN, Yvonne (French, 1895-1993)
KAGER, Johann Mathias (German, 1575-1634)
KAHLO, Frida (Mexican, 1907-54)
KIM Bu In (Korean)
KING, Jessie Marion (Scottish, 1875-1949)
KONDOR, Béla (Hungarian, 1931-72)
KRACKER, János Lukács (1717-79)
LA FOSSE, Charles de (French, 1636-1716)
LA TOUR, Georges de (French, 1593-1652)
LAPARRA, William Julien Émile Édouard (French, 1873-1920)
LARSON, Ted (American, b. 1961)
LE BŒUF, Jules-César-Hilaire (French, 1770-1847)
LE BRUN, Charles (French, 1619-90)
Le Brun, Charles (French, 1619-90), After
LE SUEUR, Eustache (French, 1616-55)
LEGROS, Alphonse (French/British, 1837-1911)
LEIVE, Ulrich (German, b. 1957)
LENOIR, Alexandre (French, 1761-1839)
LIEVENS, Jan (Dutch, 1607-74)
LIGOZZI, Jacopo (Italian, 1547-1627)
LIMOSIN, Jean (French, 1561-1646)
LOMBARDI, Giovanni Domenico (Italian, 1682-1752)
LONG, Duncan
LOTTO, Lorenzo (Italian, c. 1480-1556)
MALOUEL, Jean (Flemish, active 1397-1415)
MARIE, Princess of Orléans (French, 1813-39)
MASTER of Catherine of Cleves (Netherlandish, 15th century)
MASTER of the Ashmolean Museum Predella (Italian, acrive c. 1360-90)
MASTER of the Drapery Studies (French, active c. 1470-1500)
Master of the Rouen Echevinage (French, active c. 1460-80), Follower of
MATTEO di Giovanni (Italian, c. 1430-95)
MAZONE, Giovanni (Italian, c. 1433-before 1512)
MELLAN, Claude (French, 1598-1688)
MEMLING, Hans (Flemish, c. 1440-94)
MERSON, Luc-Olivier (French, 1846-1920)
MICHEL, Charles-Henri (French, 1817-1905)
MONNOYER, Jean-Baptiste (French, 1636-99)
MOREAU, Gustave (French, 1826-98)
Muziano, Girolamo (Italian, 1528-92), After
Muziano, Girolamo (Italian, 1528-92), Attributed to
PARMIGIANINO (Italian, 1503-40)
PERCIER, Charles (French, 1764-1838)
PETROV-VODKIN, Kuzma (Russian, 1878-1939)
PIROSMANI, Niko (Georgian, b. 1862)
PISANELLO (Italian, 1395-1455)
QUARTON, Enguerrand (French, c. 1410-61)
Reni, Guido (Italian, 1575-1642), Inspired by
Reni, Guido (Italian, 1575-1642), School of
ROBERTI, Ercole de' (Italian, 1456-96)
RODIN, Auguste (French, 1840-1917)
ROTHENSTEIN, Michael (American, 1908-93)
RUBENS, Peter Paul (Flemish, 1577-1640)
SABATINI, Lorenzo (Italian, 1530-76)
SACCHI, Pier Francesco (Italian, c. 1485-1528)
SARGENT, John Singer (American, 1856-1925)
SASSETTA (Italian, 1394-1450)
SCHAUFELEIN, Hans Leonhard (German, c. 1480-1538/40)
SCHEITS, Matthias (German, c. 1625/30-c. 1700)
SIGNORELLI, Luca (Italian, c. 1441-1523)
SPAGNA, Lo (Spanish/Italian, c. 1450-1528)
SPANZOTTI, Giovanni Martino (Italian, c. 1455-1526)
TIEPOLO, Giovanni Battista (Italian, 1696-1770)
TISSOT, James (French, 1836-1902)
TITIAN (Italian, c. 1485-1576)
Titian (Italian, c. 1485-1576), Attributed to
UNKNOWN; Flemish Master
UNKNOWN; French Master
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of André Basset's (active c. 1750-85) Publications
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'Biblia : Das ist die gantze Heilige Schrift...', Martin Luther (author), Nuremberg, 1702
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'Biblia, das ist, Die ganze Heilige Schrifft...', Martin Luther (author), Nuremberg (?), 17th century
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'Bréviaire de Martin d'Aragon', Spain
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Didier Marchand's Publications
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'Hours of Jean Lallemant le Jeune', Bourges, c. 1540
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Jean Pierre Clerc's Publications
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Jean-Baptiste Jean's Publications
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Jean-Baptiste Letourmy's (d. 1800) Publications
Unknown; Illustrator of Jean-Marie Lefas's (active 1823-33) Publications?
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Jerome Nadal's 'Evangelicae Historiae Imagines', 1593
Unknown; Illustrator of Le Dilais Eugénie's Publications?
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'Petites Heures de Jean de Berry'
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Pierre Leloup's Publications
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Vincent of Beauvais's 'Le Miroir Historial' (Vol. II, III, IV), Bruges, c. 1475-1500
UNKNOWN; Italian Master
UNKNOWN; Master Connected to the Protestant Reformation Era Writings (mainly German, 16th century)
UNKNOWN; Master of the Marienkirche Stained-glass Panels, Germany, late 14th century (?)
UNKNOWN; Master of Watercolours Produced for 'Communicating Christ', Bogota
UNKNOWN; Netherlandish Master
UNKNOWN; No Artist Information Available
UNKNOWN; Spanish Master
VALENTIN de Boulogne (French, 1591-1632)
VALLOTTON, Annie (Swiss)
VERMEER van Delft, Jan (Dutch, 1632-75)
VERVOORT, Michiel, the Elder (Flemish, 1667-1737)
VOS, Marten de (Flemish, 1532-1603)
Vos, Marten de (Flemish, 1532-1603), Attributed to
VRELANT, Willem (Flemish, d. 1481)
WEIGEL, Johann Christoph (German, 1654-1725)
WESLEY, Frank (Indian)
WEYDEN, Rogier van der (Flemish, 1400-64)
WIERIX, Jérôme (French, 1553-1620)