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List of artists on the subject
Various Subjects Connected to Christ

BAGLIONE, Cavaliere Giovanni (Italian, 1566-1643)
BALDUNG Grien, Hans (German, c. 1484-1545)
BENING, Simon (Flemish, c. 1483-1561)
BISCAINO, Bartolomeo (Italian, 1632-57)
BLACKSHEAR, Thomas (American/African)
BOITARD, François (French, c. 1670-1715)
BOUCHARDON, Edmé (French, 1698-1762)
BOUGUEREAU, William-Adolphe (French, 1825-1905)
CARRACCI, Lodovico (Italian, 1555-1619)
Carracci, Lodovico (Italian, 1555-1619), Attributed to
CHASSÉRIAU, Théodore (French, 1819-56)
COLOMBEL, Nicolas (French, 1644-1717)
COURTOIS, Guillaume (Italian, 1628-79)
CRESQUES, Abraham (Spanish, 1326(?)-1378)
DALÍ, Salvador (Spanish, 1904-89)
DELAROCHE, Paul (French, 1797-1856)
DICKSEE, Sir Frank (English, 1853-1928)
DOSS, Anthony (Indian)
Farinati, Paolo (Italian, 1524-1606), After
FERRI, Ciro (Italian, c. 1634-89)
Flaxman, John (English, 1755-1826), After
FORAIN, Jean-Louis (French, 1852-1931)
FRAGONARD, Jean-Honoré (French, 1732-1806)
FÜHRICH, Joseph Ritter Von (Czech, 1800-76)
GRECO, El (Greek/Spanish, 1541-1614)
GREENE, Nathan (American, b. 1961)
Kulmbach, Hans Süss von (German, c. 1480-1522)?
LA FARGE, John (American, 1835-1910)
MAÎTRE François (French, active second half of 15th century)
MAULBERTSCH, Franz Anton (Austrian, 1724-96)
MICHEL, Charles-Henri (French, 1817-1905)
Nicola da Urbino (Italian, active c. 1520-1537/1538), Circle of
ROUAULT, Georges (French, 1871-1958)
SAWYER, Stephen Shelby (American, b. 1952)
SCHEITS, Matthias (German, c. 1625/30-c. 1700)
SPENCER, Sir Stanley (British, 1891-1959)
UNKNOWN; Austrian Master
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Lambert of St. Omer's 'Le livre fleurissant en fleurs', Enghien, 1512
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Lambert of St. Omer's 'Liber Floridus', Lille and Ninove, 1460
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'Petites Heures de Jean de Berry'
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'St. Albans Psalter', England, first half of 12th century
UNKNOWN; Netherlandish Master
VERONESE, Paolo (Italian, 1528-88)
WARD, Jay Bryant