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List of artists on the subject
Water from the Rock

ALEXANDER Master (active in France c. 1420-50)
ASSERETO, Gioacchino (Italian, 1600-49)
Aurifaber Workshop (French (Paris), 13th century), Associate of
BACCHIACCA, Francesco (Italian, 1494-1557)
BALEN, Hendrick van (Dutch, c. 1575-1632)
Bassano, Jacopo (Italian, c. 1515-92), Workshop of
BASSANO, Leandro (Italian, 1557-1622)
BAUGIN, Lubin (French, c. 1612-63)
Beccafumi, Domenico (Italian, c. 1486-1551), After
BLAKE, William (British, 1757-1827)
BLOEMAERT, Abraham (Flemish, 1564-1651)
BOUZONNET-STELLA, Antoine (French, 1637-82)
BUTEL, Lucile
CALDARA, Polidoro (Italian, c. 1500-43)
Caldara, Polidoro (Italian, c. 1500-43), After
CAMPI, Giulio (Italian, c.1502-72)
Capellini, Gabriele (Italian, active c. 1520), Attributed to
CASTELLO, Valerio (Italian, 1624-59)
CHAGALL, Marc (Russian/French, 1887-1985)
CLERCK, Hendrick de (Flemish, 1570-1629)
COPPING, Harold (British, 1863-1932)
CORNEILLE, Michel, the Younger (French, 1642-1708)
DALÍ, Salvador (Spanish, 1904-89)
DORÉ, Gustave (French, 1832-83)
Ferri, Ciro (Italian, c. 1634-89), After
FLORIS, Frans (Flemish, c. 1516-1570)
GIAQUINTO, Corrado (Italian, c. 1694-1765)
Giaquinto, Corrado (Italian, c. 1694-1765), After
GIORDANO, Luca (Italian, 1632-1705)
GIOTTO di Bondone (Italian, 1267-1337)
GOBELINS (Manufacturers)
HE Qi (Chinese)
HESDIN of Amiens (French, 15th century)
HOET, Gérard (Dutch, 1648-1733)
JOLLAIN, Gérard (French, d. 1683)
JORDAENS, Jacob (Flemish, 1593-1678)
LANDON, Charles Paul (French, 1760-1826)
LARSON, Ted (American, b. 1961)
LAURI, Filippo (Italian, 1623-94)
LE BRUN, Charles (French, 1619-90)
LIPPI, Filippino (Italian, c. 1457-1504)
LOMBARD, Lambert (Flemish, 1505/6-66)
LUBIENIECKI, Krzysztof (Polish, 1659-1729)
LUIKEN, Caspar (Dutch, 1672-1708)
MERIAN, Matthaeus, the Elder (Swiss, active in Germany, 1593-1650)
Merian, Matthaeus, the Elder (Swiss, active in Germany, 1593-1650), After
Merian, Matthaeus, the Elder (Swiss, active in Germany, 1593-1650), Copy after
MURILLO, Bartolomé Estebán (Spanish, 1617-82)
PESCI, Girolamo (Italian, 1684-1759)
POUSSIN, Nicolas (French, 1594-1665)
Poussin, Nicolas (French, 1594-1665), After
POYNTER, Sir Edward (English, 1836-1919)
RAPHAEL (Italian, 1483-1520)
SHIMON, Diana (Israeli, b. 1967)
SUB-FAUVEL Master (French, 14th century)
TINTORETTO (Italian, c. 1518-94)
TISSOT, James (French, 1836-1902)
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'Biblia : Das ist die gantze Heilige Schrift...', Martin Luther (author), Nuremberg, 1702
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'Biblia, das ist, Die ganze Heilige Schrifft...', Martin Luther (author), Nuremberg (?), 17th century
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Children's Bible
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Henry Davenport Northrop's 'Treasures of the Bible', 1894
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'History of the Old Testament in verse', Samuel Wesley (author), 1704
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'L'Histoire du Vieux et du Nouveau Testament', Nicolas Fontaine (author), 1670
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'L'Histoire du Vieux et du Nouveau Testament', Nicolas Fontaine (author), 1699
UNKNOWN; Master Connected to the Protestant Reformation Era Writings (mainly German, 16th century)
UNKNOWN; Master of the Marienkirche Stained-glass Panels, Germany, late 14th century (?)
UNKNOWN; No Artist Information Available
VALLOTTON, Annie (Swiss)
VIANEN, Jan van (Dutch, before 1660-after 1726)
WEIGEL, Johann Christoph (German, 1654-1725)
Weigel, Johann Christoph (German, 1654-1725), After
WEST, Benjamin (American, 1738-1820)
WTEWAEL, Joachim Anthonisz. (Dutch, c. 1566-1638)