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Gospels, Jesus, Public Ministry: Incidents and Events

The Rejection at Nazareth
Jesus in the Synagogue
The Attempted Murder
To a Solitary Place
Returning to Capernaum
The Disciples Pluck Corn
Many Followers
Appointing the Apostles
Sending Out the Apostles
The True Family of Christ
Report, Break, and Return to Service
Up into the Hills to Pray
The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven
The Transfiguration
Sending Out the Seventy
Through the Towns and Villages
Jesus and the Children
The Zebedees and the Greatness of Serving
Christ, the Disciples, and the Samaritans
Walking About Galilee
The Unbelief of the Jewish Leaders
Attempt at Stoning
The Plot against Jesus
Withdrawing to Ephraim
Up to Jerusalem
The Entry into Jerusalem
The Donkey
Hosanna to the Son of David!
Weeping over Jerusalem
Clearing the Temple
Jesus Clears the Temple
The Question about Authority
A Provocation
The Plans of Killing Intensified
To Bethany for the Night
The Widow's Mite
Night Stop at the Mount of Olives
The Plot in Progress