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Gospels, Jesus, Public Ministry: Teaching and Preaching

Jesus Teaching and Preaching
The Teacher and His Message
From a Boat
The Sermon on the Mount
By the Sea
Questioned about Fasting
Sending Out the Apostles
Sending Out the Seventy
At the Return of the Seventy
Concerning John
Revelation to the Children, Rest for the Weary
Jesus and Beelzebub, Those Demanding Signs
The True Family of Christ
Telling and Explaining Parables
Commands of God and Traditions of Men
At Peter's Confession
About His Death and Resurrection
Predicting the Passion
Out of My Sight, Satan!
About Following Jesus
About the Temple Tax
Class in Capernaum
About Marriage and Divorce
The First to Be Last, the Last to Be First
The Cost of Following Jesus
The Expert in the Law
About Praying
The Woman Who Called Out
About Repentance and Fruit
Visiting a Pharisee's House
Eating with Sinners, Repentance
Focus on Money and Wealth
About Praying and Not Giving Up
Thinking Highly of One's Righteousness
Christ, the Disciples, and the Samaritans
In Capernaum, the Bread of Life
To Whom Shall We Go?
At the Feast of Tabernacles
Preaching at the Feast
Who Is Christ?
On the Last Day of the Feast
In the Temple, Children of Abraham
By the Temple Treasury
About the Shepherd and His Flock
In Solomon's Colonnade
The Zebedees and the Greatness of Serving
On the Initiative of Greeks
The Greeks Seeking Jesus
The Kernel of Wheat, the Voice from Heaven
Challenges in the Temple Courts
The Tribute Money
Challenged by the Sadducees
About the Greatest Commandments
About Christ's Descent
Against the Hypocrites
Lamenting Jerusalem
The Future of the Temple
About the Ages to Come
Saying Farewell
The Concluding Speech
A New Commandment
The Way to the Father
The Promise of the Holy Spirit
The Vine and the Branches
The Hate of the World
Grief That Will Turn to Joy
The Great Commission