Gospels, Jesus: Passion

Judas Makes a Deal
Preparing the Supper
The Last Evening
The Washing of the Feet
The Last Supper
Judas Retires
Saying Farewell
The Concluding Speech
A New Commandment
The Way to the Father
The Promise of the Holy Spirit
The Vine and the Branches
The Hate of the World
Grief That Will Turn to Joy
The High Priestly Prayer
Singing the Hymn
Going to the Mount of Olives
Praying in Agony
Jesus Is Arrested
The Ear of Malchus
The Young Man
Jesus Taken to the High Priest
Following from Behind
The Trial
Before the Sanhedrin
Tried by the Council
The Mocking
The Denial of Peter
Transferred to Pilate
Before Herod
Forwarded to Herod
The Questioning
The Mocking
Sent Back to Pilate
Before Pilate
Interrogation and Accusations
The Scourging
The Mocking
Barabbas, Persuasion, and Sentence
Ecce Homo
Pilate's Wife
Pilate Washing His Hands
The Remorseful Judas
The Way to Calvary
The Procession
Christ Alone with the Cross
Christ Falling Beneath the Cross
Simon from Cyrene
Christ Addressing the Daughters of Jerusalem
The Criminals
The Procession in Various Compositions
Other Artworks Related to the Way to Calvary
The Crucifixion
The Preparations
Rejection of the Wine with Gall
The Nailing to the Cross
The Raising of the Cross
Watching the Crucified
The Inscription
Jesus on the Cross
With Other People from the Biblical Account
With a Composite Group of Other Characters
With No Other People Shown
With Characters Foreign to the Biblical Account
The Trinity with the Crucified Christ
Christ Appearing at St. Francis's Stigmatization
The Crucified Christ in Various Compositions
The Clothes
The Mockers
Family and Followers at Calvary
The Darkness
Wine Vinegar on a Stick
The Repentant Thief
Curtain, Earthquake, Raising of Dead
The Centurion
They Beat Their Breasts
The Bones of the Thieves Broken
The Piercing in the Side
Other Depictions of the Calvary Scene
The Burial
Enter Joseph of Arimathea
The Descent from the Cross
The Entombment
Woman Spectators
Christ Lying Dead in the Tomb
The Descent into Hades
Guard at the Tomb
Instruments and Wounds
The Instruments of the Passion
The Wounds and Sacred Heart of Christ

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