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The Ascension
Returning to Jerusalem
The Remorseful Judas
Matthias Successing Judas
The Descent of the Spirit
The Pentecostal Sermon
The Preaching of the Apostles
The Community of the Believers
At the Beautiful Gate
Peter and John before the Sanhedrin
Ananias and Sapphira
The Many Healings
A New Arrest, a New Interrogation
Choosing Deacons
Stephen's Arrest and Martyrdom
Arrest and Speech
Stoned by the Jews
Buried by Godly Men
Preaching and Baptizing in Samaria
Beginning Persecutions
Philip and the Eunuch
The Conversion of Saul
On the Way to Damascus
In Damascus
Peter Heals Aeneas
Peter Raises Tabitha
Peter and Cornelius
Cornelius and the Angel
Peter's Vision
The Delegates of Cornelius
Peter Visits Cornelius
The Church in Antioch
Further Persecutions, Martyrdom of James
Peter's Escape
Herod's Death
Mark Joining Barnabas and Saul
Paul's First Missionary Journey
Barnabas and Paul Sent Off to Cyprus
In Pisidian Antioch
In Lystra
From Derbe to Antioch
The Council at Jerusalem
Paul's Second Missionary Journey
Paul's Vision of the Macedonian
In Philippi
The Slave Girl
Paul and Silas in Prison
In Thessalonica
In Berea
In Athens
In Corinth
Back to Syria
Paul's Third Missionary Journey
At Ephesus
Eutychus in Troas
Farewell to the Ephesian Elders
On to Jerusalem
Paul in Jerusalem and Caesarea
Paul Is Arrested
Paul's Speech and the Attempted Flogging
Paul before the Sanhedrin
The Plot to Kill Paul
The Trial before Felix
The Trial before Festus
Paul before King Agrippa
Paul's Trip to Rome
The Journey and the Shipwreck
On Malta
Arrival at Rome
Paul in Rome
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