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Genesis: The Patriarchal History

Abraham and Isaac
Abram's Departure
Abram and Sarai in Egypt
Abram and Lot Separate
Abram Rescues Lot
Stars and Covenant
Hagar, First Trip
The Covenant of Circumcision
The Lord and the Angels
The Lord Visits Abraham
Abraham Pleads for Sodom
The Angels in Sodom
Sodom Is Destroyed
Lot and His Daughters
Abraham and Abimelech
The Birth of Isaac
Hagar, Second Trip
The Treaty at Beersheba
The Sacrifice of Isaac
Sarah Dies
A Wife for Isaac
Eliezer and Rebekah
The Meeting of Isaac and Rebekah
The Last Years and Death of Abraham
The Twins of Isaac
The Birthright
Isaac and Abimelech
Fooling Isaac
Esau Sent to Hunt
Jacob Is Blessed
Esau Rejected
Jacob Leaves
Jacob's Dream
Jacob and Laban
Jacob Meets Rachel
Wives for Jacob
The Sons of Jacob
Jacob Becomes Rich
Fleeing from Laban
Meeting Esau
The Messengers, the Gift
The Prayer of Jacob
Wrestling in the Night
The Meeting
Dinah and the Shechemites
Jacob Returns to Bethel
The Death of Rachel
The Death of Isaac
Ignition of Hate
The Dreamer
Getting Rid of Joseph
Joseph Is Sold
The Bloodstained Coat
Judah and Tamar
At Potiphar's
In Prison
The Dreams of the Cupbearer and the Baker
Pharaoh's Dreams
In Charge of Egypt
The Brothers Go to Egypt
Ten Brothers Trying to Purchase Grain
Journeying with Benjamin
I Am Joseph!
The Brothers Return to Canaan
Father Comes to Egypt
Jacob's Last Will
The Blessing of Joseph's Sons
Jacob's Blessing, the Twelve Tribes
The Death and Burial of Jacob
Joseph's Last Years and Death