Ezekiel Preaching
The Preparation and Call of the Prophet
The First Vision
The Call of Ezekiel
The Prophet to Warn Israel
The Apostate Condition of Judah
The Siege of Jerusalem Symbolized
Punishment for Israel's Idolatry
The End Has Come
Jerusalem Punished
Idolatry in the Temple
Slaughter of Those without Marks
The Glory Departs from the Temple
Judgment on Israel's Leadsers
The Exile Symbolized
False Prophets Condemned
A Useless Vine
Two Eagles and a Vine
A Promise of New Growth
The Soul Who Sins Will Die
Rebellious Israel
Babylon, the Sword of Judgment
Judgment against the City of Bloodshed
The Cooking Pot
The Prophet's Sorrow as a Sign to the People
The Neighbouring Nations
A Prophecy against Tyre
A Lament for Tyre
A Prophecy against the King of Tyre
A Prophecy against Sidon
A Prophecy against Egypt
A Lament for Egypt
The Fallen Cedar in Lebanon
The Glory of the Nation Restored
The Prophet as Israel's Watchman
Jerusalem's Fall Explained
The False Shepherds and the Good Shepherd
A New Heart and a New Spirit
The Valley of Dry Bones
Gog's Attack and Punishment
Israel Restored
The New Sanctuary
The Glory Returns to the Temple
The Altar
The Prince, the Levites, the Priests
Measuring and Offering
The River from the Temple