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Samuel, Kings, Chronicles: The Divided Kingdom, Israel

The Kingdom Divided
Jeroboam I - Omri
Golden Calves at Bethel and Dan
The Man of God from Judah
Ahijah's Prophecy against Jeroboam
King Elah
King Zimri
The Time of Elijah
Elijah in the Kerith Ravine
The Widow of Zarephath
Elijah and Obadiah
Elijah on Mount Carmel
Elijah and the Angel
Elijah on Horeb
The Call of Elisha
Ahab Fights the Arameans
A Prophecy about Ahab's Death
Naboth's Vineyard
Micaiah Prophesies against Ahab
The Death of Ahab
The Fall and Death of Ahaziah
The Chariot of Fire
The Time of Elisha
Elisha in Jericho and Bethel
Moab Revolts
The Widow's Oil
The Woman from Shunem
Culinary Miracles
Elisha and Naaman
An Axhead Floats
The Arameans Struck by Blindness
War and Famine in Samaria
The Arameans Flee from Samaria
Joram and Jezebel
Ahab's Family Killed
The Ministers of Baal Killed
Jehoahaz and Jehoash
Sin against God, Fight against the Arameans
The Death of Elisha
King Zechariah
King Pekah
King Hoshea and the Fall of Samaria
Samaria Resettled