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Exodus-Deuteronomy: Laws and Instructions

The Words of the Ten Commandments
The First Commandment
The Second Commandment
The Third Commandment
The Fourth Commandment
The Fifth Commandment
The Sixth Commandment
The Seventh Commandment
The Eighth Commandment
The Ninth and Tenth Commandments
The Tabernacle and Its Equipment
Offerings for the Sanctuary
The Ark and the Mercy Seat
The Table of Offerings
The Lampstand
The Tabernacle
The Altar of Burnt Offering
The Courtyard
The Altar of Incense
The Laver
The Craftsmen
The Gifts of the Leaders
Setting Up the Lamps
The Priests
The Garments
The Ordination
The Priestly Blessing
Offerings for Priests and Levites
Sacrifices and Offerings
Sacrifices of the Israelites
The Burnt Offering
The Sin Offering
The Day of Atonement
Firstfruits and Tithes
Clean and Unclean
Skin Diseases
The Water of Cleansing
The Feasts
The Men to Appear before the Lord
The Day of Atonement
The Feast of Trumpets
The Feast of Tabernacles
Various Kinds of People
Old People
Protection of Property
Love and Be Just!
Caring for Others' Animals
The Cult of Molech
Particular Rules as to Harvesting
The Blasphemer
The Sabbatical Year and the Year of Jubilee
The Silver Trumpets
The Inheritance of Zelophedad's Daughters
Telling the Children
Hear, O Israel!
Do Not Forget the Lord!
God's Care for the Land
The One Place of Worship
Law Courts
Detestable Practicies
Cities of Refuge
Going to War
A Neighbour's Grapes and Grain
The Ox and the Muzzle
Curses and Blessings
Choosing between Life and Death