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Aaron, Brother of Moses
Abraham, the First Patriarch
Adam, the First Man
Andrew, Disciple of Jesus
Antichrist, Opposer of God
Barnabas, Early Missionary
Bartholomew, Disciple of Jesus
Baruch, Secretary of Jeremiah
Daniel, Visionary Prophet
David, Second King of Israel
Deborah, Judge and Prophetess
Dionysius, Converted Areopagite
Elijah, Prophet
Elisha, Prophet
Elizabeth, Mother of John the Baptist
Enoch, the Man who Did Not Die
Esther, Jewish Heroine
Eve, the First Woman
Ezekiel, Visionary Prophet
Gabriel the Archangel
Gideon, Judge and Warrior
God the Father
Habakkuk, Prophet
Herod the Great, King of Israel
Holy Spirit, The
Hur, son of Miriam
Isaiah, Prophet in Jerusalem
James, Author of New Testament Letter
James, Disciple of Jesus and Brother of John
James, Disciple of Jesus and Son of Alpheus
Jeremiah, Prophet in Jerusalem
Jesus Christ, the Lord
John the Baptist, Forerunner of Christ
John, Disciple of Jesus and Author of the Fourth Gospel
Joseph of Arimathea
Joseph, Man of Mary
Judas (Thaddaeus), Disciple of Jesus
Jude, Author of New Testament Letter
Lazarus, Brother of Martha and Mary
Luke, Author of the Third Gospel
Magi (The), Wise Men from the East
Mark, Author of the Second Gospel
Martha, Sister of Mary and Lazarus
Mary Magdalene, Follower of Jesus
Matthew, Disciple of Jesus and Author of the First Gospel
Matthias, Apostle
Michael the Archangel
Moses, Prophet and Leader
Paul, Apostle and Author of New Testament Epistles
Peter, Disciple of Jesus
Philip, Disciple of Jesus
Queen of Sheba, Visitor of Solomon
Salome, Follower of Jesus
Samson, Hairy Judge
Samuel, Prophet and Leader
Seth, Son of Adam
Simon from Cyrene, Carrier of the Cross
Simon the Zealot, Disciple of Jesus
Simon Magus, Called the First Heretic
Solomon, Third King of Israel
Stephen, the Martyr
Thomas, Disciple of Jesus
Timothy, Disciple of Paul
Trinity, The
Virgin Mary
Zechariah, Father of John the Baptist
Not Connected to Specific Characters