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Other Appearances of the Virgin to St.s and Others

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Vision of the Dominican habit, The
Angelico, Fra, Follower of

Virgin giving the dress to the founders of the Servites, The

Apparition ofthe Virgin to the Carmelites
BADARACCO, Giovanni Raffaele

Signing of the treaty
BASSET (Basset Md d'Estampes et Fabricant de Papiers Peint, Paris)

Vision of St. Victor, The
BASSET (Basset Md d'Estampes et Fabricant de Papiers Peint, Paris)

St. James being visited by the Virgin
BAYEU y Subías, Francisco

St. Dominic receives the scapular
BESSON, Hyacinthe

Virgin giving a scapular to a St., The
BURRINI, Giovanni Antonio

Virgin, sitting on the clouds, giving a scapular to St. Hyacinth, The
BURRINI, Giovanni Antonio

St. Ildefonso receiving a chasuble from the hand of the Virgin
CAJÉS, Eugenio

Communion of St. Rosalie of Palermo

St. Dominic in Soriano
Cano, Alonso, Circle of

Virgin crowned by Christ, appearing to two bishops, The
Carracci (one of the Carraccis), School of

Christ, standing close to the Virgin, blessing St. Francis of Assisi
CARRACCI, Annibale

St. Francis in adoration before Christ, the Virgin, and St. John
CARRACCI, Lodovico

Virgin presenting a St. to Jesus Christ, The
CARRACCI, Lodovico

Virgin surrounded by two St.s, presenting the holy shroud to a monk, The
Carracci, Lodovico, Attributed to

Virgin comforting the afflicted, The
CHAPU, Henri Michel Antoine

Virgin appearing to Clothilde, The
CHAUVEAU, François

Appearance of the Virgin of the Pillar to St. James Major
CONCA, Sebastiano

Three figures adoring the Virgin and Christ who are sitting on the clouds
CORONA, Leonardo

Virgin sitting on the clouds with St. Anne and St. Therese, The
DANDRE-BARDON, Michel-François

Our Lady of Peace

Blessed Joseph Hermann
DYCK, Sir Anthony Van

Apparition of the Virgin and Christ to St. Francis of Assisi

Christ and the Virgin appearing to St. Francis of Assisi

Vision of the blessed Amedeo Menez de Sylva 1514

St. Jerome's vision of the Virgin

Virgin appearing to St. Jerome, The

Dream of St. Jerome, The

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