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God the Father in Various Compositions

When it is hard to decide whether the artist depicts Christ or God the Father as part of a composition with other prominent elements, the artwork will normally sort under the current heading. Other subjects from the Book of Revelation could have been listed as related on this page, but "The Throne in Heaven" is the most relevant. If an artwork is connected to one of the related subjects listed below, it will normally not sort under the heading above.

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List of artists on this subject

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Carpets of Honour: The death of Honour
Coter, Colijn de, Circle of

God appearing to Moses (Noah?)
COURTOIS, Guillaume

St. received in Heaven by God, A
COURTOIS, Guillaume

Reprobation of Cain after the death of Abel

Adam and Eve
CRABETH, Dirck Pietersz.

Cranach, Lucas, the Elder, Attributed to Circle of

Immaculate conception with St. Anselm and St. Martin
CRESPI, Giuseppe Maria

Virgin and Child with St. Bartholomew and St. Sebastian
Cungi, Leonardo, Attributed to

Battle of St. Michael with the Devil, The
DAVID, Gerard

Transfiguration of Christ
DAVID, Gerard

Religious almanac with the Virgin appearing on a cloud

God in his glory, surrounded by kings, receiving the supplications of France
DULIN, Pierre

God appeasring to Sarai and Abram

Coronation of David, The
FELICE, Matteo

Assumption of the Virgin

Glory of Paradise, The
Ferri, Ciro, After

Madonna and Child with the infant St. John the Baptist, revealed by God the Father and angels, The
FILIPPI, Camillo

Heavenly host with God the Father and Christ, over a fortress, A
Folli, Sebastiano, Attributed to

Virgin and Child between St. John the Baptist and St. Jerome

Nativity, with God the Father surrounded by angels and cherubim,The
FRANCESCO di Giorgio Martini

Ecce homo

Holy Family with St.s John the Baptist, Elizabeth, Zecharia and Francis, The

Holy Family with St.s John the Baptist, Elizabeth, Zecharia and Francis, The
Garofalo, After

Martydom of St. Sebastian, The
GENGA, Girolamo

St. Joseph
GEORGIN, François

St. Joseph, husband of Mary
GEORGIN, François

King David praying
GHERARDO di Giovanni

Christ on the Cross held by the eternal Father, adored by the Virgin
GHEZZI, Pier Leone

Immaculate conception with the Eternal Father and adoring angels, The

Nativity *
GIROLAMO di Benvenuto

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