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God the Father in Various Compositions

When it is hard to decide whether the artist depicts Christ or God the Father as part of a composition with other prominent elements, the artwork will normally sort under the current heading. Other subjects from the Book of Revelation could have been listed as related on this page, but "The Throne in Heaven" is the most relevant. If an artwork is connected to one of the related subjects listed below, it will normally not sort under the heading above.

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  BLES, Herri met de
      Flight into Egypt, The:
            Left part of picture
  FRANCESCO di Giorgio Martini
      Nativity, with God the Father surrounded by angels and cherubim,The (C. 1472):
            God and heavenly host
            Upper part of picture
  GAGINI, Domenico
      Nativity, The (C. 1460):
            God the Father
  GIOVANNI di Paolo
      Annunciation, The (C. 1445):
  GRÜNEWALD, Matthias
      Concert of angels and Nativity (C. 1515):
            God sending out angels
  JACOPO di Cione
      Madonna and Child with angels (Before 1370):
            Extreme upper part of picture
  JUAN de Flandes
      Baptism of Christ, The (C. 1508-19):
            God the Father
  LÈON de Bruxelles
      Hope to God (After 1528):
            Upper right part of picture
  LIMBOURG brothers
      Feeding of the multitude, The (Before 1416):
            Upper part of picture
  MAÎTRE François
      Heavenly city and the earthly city, The. The heavenly city with God the Father, Mary, and St.s. (C. 1475-80):
            Upper part of picture
      Coronation of the Virgin (1523-26):
            God the Father, upper part of figure
  MASTER of Frankfurt
      St. Anne with the Virgin and the Christ Child (C. 1511-15):
            God the Father
  MASTER of the Life of St. John the Baptist
      Baptism of Christ, The (Probably 1330-40):
            Upper part of picture
  MASTER of the St. Bartholomew Altarpiece
      Baptism of Christ, The (C. 1485-1500):
            God the Father and angels
      Creation of Adam (1510):
            Head of God
      Madonna and Child with angels (Before 1370):
            Extreme upper part of picture
  PERINO del Vaga
      Nativity, The (1534):
            Upper part of picture
  PERUGINO, Pietro
      Almighty with prophets, kings, and sybils, The (1500):
            Head of second sibyl from the right
      Disputation of the holy sacrament (1510-11):
            Christ, God the Father, and Mary
  Robbia, Andrea della, Workshop of
      Madonna and Child with God the Father and cherubim (1480-90):
            Upper part of picture
      Assumption of the Virgin (1516-18):
            Head of God
      St. John the Evangelist on Patmos (C. 1547):
            Divine blessing, central upper part of picture
            Upper left part of picture
  UNKNOWN; German Master
      Assumption of the Virgin, The (C. 1170s):
            God the Father
      Creation of the world, The (C. 1170s):
            Head of God
      Nativity, The (C. 1170s):
  UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'St. Albans Psalter', England, first half of 12th century
      A hymn God becomes you in Zion (First half of the 12th century):
  VAN BRUSSEL, Master Jean
      Hope to God (After 1528):
            Upper right part of picture