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Ecstasy, Dwelling with Angels, Apotheosis

According to the legend, when she lived in Southern France, Mary Magdalene was transported seven times a day by angels into the presence of God. This legend is connected to the belief that she was the sister of Martha and Lazarus of Bethany. Artwork connected to this heading usually show Mary lifted above earth or living in penance accompanied by angels.

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List of artists on this subject

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Magdalene in a landscape, The

Magdalene held by two angels
LE BRUN, Charles

Angel brings the holy communion to Mary Magdalene, An
LORENZO di Credi

Magdalene fainting into the arms of an angel that supports her
LUTI, Benedetto

Magdalene supported by the angels
LUTI, Benedetto

St. Magdalene in heavenly ecstasy with angels
MATTEIS, Paolo de

Magdalene lifted to heaven
MOREAU, Gustave

St. Mary Magdalene borne by angels
PENNI, Giovan Francesco

Magdalene in the desert
PIOLA, Domenico

St. Magdalene
RENI, Guido

St. Mary Magdalene
RENI, Guido

Bust of Magdalene in ecstasy
Reni, Guido, After

Magdalene visited by an angel
Reni, Guido, After

Mary Magdalene in ecstasy
Reni, Guido, After

Mary Magdalene in the desert
Reni, Guido, After

Ecstasy of Mary Magdalene, The
Reni, Guido?

St. Magdalene comforted by angels
RICCI, Sebastiano

Mary Magdalen with two angels

Penitent Magdalene
ROCCA, Michele

Ecstasy of St. Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene transported by four angels
UNKNOWN; German Master

St. Mary Magdalene
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Cadet Louis Abadie's (1769-1829) Publications

Ecstasy of Mary Magdalene, The
UNKNOWN; Master Connected to the Protestant Reformation Era Writings

Ecstasy of Mary Magdalene, The
VOS, Marten de

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