The artists use angels as decorational elements with a varying theological and biblical relevance. Hence, angels are present in pictures depicting many different scenes. This is why the present heading has a long list of related subjects; all these subjects, and even others, have pictures including angels connected to them. The portraits of Michael and Gabriel have a somewhat special position in the list.

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List of artists on this subject

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Virgin in majesty with six angels and the Paci donors

Archangel Michael, The
ABADIA, Juan de la

Angel carrying the cross, An
ABBATE, Niccolò dell'

Flying angel carrying a banner, A
ABBATE, Niccolò dell'

Group of cherubim on the clouds, A
ABBATE, Niccolò dell'

Kneeling cherub
ABBATE, Niccolò dell'

Two cherubim sitting on the clouds carrying the cross
ABBATE, Niccolò dell'

Christ surrounded by angels
AGELLIO, Giuseppe

God the Father in glory, surrounded by angels
Albani, Francesco, After

Figure of a nude angel or a flying creature, turning to the right
Alberti, Cherubino, Attributed to

Adoration of the Child with an angel

St. Michael between St. Francis, St. Jerome, St. Catherine, and St. Bridgid of Sweden
ALESSO di Benozzo

Symbols of the evangelists, The

ALIGNY, Théodore Claude Félix Caruelle d'

Kneeling angel kissing a St.
ALIGNY, Théodore Claude Félix Caruelle d'

Regina angelorum
Allabre, Guillaume?

Apotheosis of a St.
Allegrini, Flaminio, Attributed to

Baptism of Christ, in the presence of two angels
ALLEGRINI, Francesco

Jesus Christ carried on the clouds by the Virgin and two angels
ALLEGRINI, Francesco

Kneeling soldier before an angel
ALLEGRINI, Francesco

Kneeling soldier before an angel
ALLEGRINI, Francesco

Kneeling angel
AMADEO, Giovanni Antonio

Kneeling angel
Amadeo, Giovanni Antonio, Workshop of

Head of an angel
AMAURY-DUVAL, Eugène Emmanuel

Dark times IX (angel with truncated tree)
ÁMOS, Imre

Weeping angel
ÁMOS, Imre

Angel, An
Andrea del Sarto, After

Two angels
Andrea del Sarto, Inspired by

Nude child running with open arms
Andrea del Sarto, School of

Two studies of children's bodies
Andrea del Sarto, School of

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