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Hosanna to the Son of David!

Matthew 21:7-11; Mark 11:7-11; Luke 19:35-40; John 12:12-16

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  DUCCIO di Buoninsegna
      Entry into Jerusalem, The (1308-11):
            Zacchaeus in the sycamore fig tree (?)
  ENSOR, James
      Christ's entry into Brussels in 1889 (1888):
  GIOTTO di Bondone
      Entry into Jerusalem (1304-06):
            Figure climbing in the tree, upper central part of picture
            Figure climbing in the tree, upper left part of picture
            Jesus on the donkey
  LIMBOURG brothers
      Entry into Jerusalem, The (Before 1416):
            Lower part of picture
            Upper part of picture
      Entry of Christ into Jerusalem (1320-25):
            Christ, upper part of figure, and young man with palm branches above Christ's head
            Upper right part of picture
      Scenes from the passion of Christ (1470-71):
            Left side of picture
  PLOCKHORST, Bernhard
      Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey:
            Left part of picture
            Right part of picture