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Matthew 25:41

Some of the artworks connected to this subject may be illustrations to non-Biblical litterature, e.g. texts from the classical writers, but they are included here because they have a content similar to the concept of hell found in the Bible

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  ABA-NOVÁK, Vilmos
      Last judgment (1933):
      Last judgment, The (1432-35):
            Right part of picture
  BOSCH, Hieronymus
      Hell (1504-10):
            Bird-headed monster (lower right part of picture)
            Cage (central, right edge of picture)
            Details of activities on the river (central part og picture)
            Details of musicians on the lower shore of the river (central part of picture)
            Figure in "thinker" position (lower part of picture)
            Lower central part of picture
            Pig (lower right corner of picture)
            Tower (upper part of picture)
  CLAESZ, Aert
      Last judgment, The (1555):
            Right panel
  GIOTTO di Bondone
      Last judgment (1306):
            Details from the part of picture depicting hell
            Hell (lower right part of picture)
      Adoration of the name of Jesus, The (C. 1578):
            Lower right part of picture
  LIMBOURG brothers
      Hell (Before 1416):
            Breath column of bodies
            Lower part of picture
            Main figure at the center of picture
  MAITANI, Lorenzo
      Last judgment, The (1310-30):
            1st panel, central bottom part
      Hell (1485):
            Central figure
            Details from the groups of falling bodies
            Main devil of lower part of picture (at right edge of picture)
      Last judgment, The (1537-41):
            Charon unloading his boat (lower central)
            Damned souls between Charon's boat and Minos (lower right)
            Head of Charon
            Lower right part of picture (the damned dragged into hell)
            The mouth of hell
      Damned being plunged into hell, The (1499-1502):
            Central part of picture (Charon's boat)
            Lower part of picture (the devil whipping a sinner)
      Damned, The (1499-1502):
            Demon carrying woman (middle of picture)
            Details from crowd
            Lower central part of picture
            Lower left quarter of picture
            Lower right quarter of picture
            Upper part of picture
  WEYDEN, Rogier van der
      Last judgment, The (1446-52):
            Extreme right panel
            Right panels