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Jesus Clears the Temple

Matthew 21:12f.; Mark 11:15-17; Luke 19:45f.; John 2:13-17

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  BERNARDI, Giovanni
      Christ expelling the moneychangers from the temple (C. 1540-49):
            Central left part of artwork
            Lower part of artwork
            Medium high part of artwork
            Upper part of artwork
  GIOTTO di Bondone
      Expulsion of the money-changers from the temple, The (1304-06):
            Details of the temple (background building)
            Jesus, upper part of figure
            Merchant in violet clothing, upper part of figure
      Christ driving the traders from the temple (C. 1600):
            Central part of picture
            Child lying on the floor stretching out its arm, right part of picture
            Christ and immediate crowd, upper part of figures
            Christ, upper part of figure
            Figures in the background in blue clothing, right part of picture
            Left part of picture
            Left part of picture
            Lower central part of picture (rabbits)
            Lower left corner (pigeon cage)
            Lower right corner of picture
            Lower right corner of picture (lamb)
            Main crowd
            Main crowd, lower right quarter
            Main crowd, upper left quarter
            Two female figures in the main crowd lying on the floor, upper part of figures
            Upper left corner of picture
            Woman with a child turning away from the crowd
      Scenes from the passion of Christ (1470-71):
            Left side of picture