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Jesus Teaching and Preaching

Matthew 4:23; 9:35; 11:1; 13:54; Mark 1:39; Luke 4:15; 4:44; 8:1; 13:22; 19:47

Artworks that can not be connected to specific biblical accounts, sort under this heading. The texts connected to it are summary statements concerning the ministry of Jesus.

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List of artists on this subject

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Episodes of the life of Christ in a landscape
ABBATE, Niccolò dell'

Preaching of Christ
BASSANO, Francesco

Jesus converses with the doctors of the law
BIDA, Alexandre

Conversion of the Magdalene, The
CAMPAÑA, Pedro de

Jesus teaching the apostles on the stairs of the temple
Carracci (one of the Carraccis), School of

Jesus preaching in the temple
Champaigne, Philippe de, After

Christ and two apostles (?)
COROT, Jean-Baptiste-Camille

Christ preaching to the crowd

Conversion of Mary Magdalene

Conversion of Mary Magdalene

Conversion of St. Mary Magdalene, The

Jesus preaching to the multitude
DORÉ, Gustave

Preaching of Christ

Christ and an apostle, and sketch of a third figure
Guercino, School of

Christ preaching
HENNER, Jean-Jacques

Now the silence, now the feast *

Christ preaching to this disciples and others
HOLE, William Brassey

Jesus and the Pharisees

Christ preaching
JOUVENET, Jean-Baptiste

Parable, The

Preaching of Christ
LUINI, Aurelio

Porphyrius discussing with St. Augustine. Christ discussing with wise men.
MAÎTRE François

Christ teaching his disciples
MASTER of the Modena Book of Hours

Christ (preaching?) in the temple
MASTER of Zweder van Culemborg

Christ, surrounded by the disciples, preaching
MOLA, Pier Francesco

Christ teaching his disciples
PETRUS de Raimbaucourt

MarthaTaking Mary Magdalene to Christ
Raphael, After Workshop of

St. John the Baptist preaching, St. Peter and St. Paul before Jesus Christ
REGGIO, Raffaellino da

St. Peter and St. Paul before Jesus Christ, sitting
REGGIO, Raffaellino da

Christ preaching
REMBRANDT Harmenszoon van Rijn

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