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The Massacre of the Innocents

Matthew 2:16

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  BRUEGEL, Pieter, the Elder
      Slaughter of the innocents, The (1565-66):
            Central part of picture
            Centre of picture
  CORNELIS Cornelisz. Van Haarlem
      Massacre of the innocents (1590):
            Upper left part of picture
  DUCCIO di Buoninsegna
      Massacre of the innocents, The (1308-11):
            Lower left corner of picture
      Adoration of the Magi (1488):
            Central left left part of picture
            Upper left part of picture
  GIOTTO di Bondone
      Massacre of the innocents (1304-06):
            Lower part of picture
            Right part of picture
  HUGUENIN, Jean Pierre Victo
      Scene of the massacre of the innocents (1838):
            Arms and hands
      Seven Joys of the Virgin, The (1480):
            Massacre of the innocents
  PIERO di Cosimo
      Visitation with St. Nicholas and St. Anthony Abbot, The (C. 1490):
            Central right part of picture, with the annunciation and the massacre of the innocents
  UNKNOWN; French Master
      Herod ordering the massacre of the innocents (C. 1300):
            Lower part of picture