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The Woman and the Dragon

Revelation 12

There are many artworks depicting Michael fighting the Devil. Many of them have a composition that suggest a formal portrait rather than scene of Revelation 12. These artworks belong to the subjects "Fighting Devils" or "Portraits of Michael". Portraits showing the Virgin with the elements mentioned in Revelation 12:1, normally belong to the portraits section.

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  BLAKE, William
      Great red Dragon and the Woman clothed with the sun, The: "The Devil is come down" (C. 1805):
            Lower right corner
            Woman, upper part of figure
  FLORIS, Frans
      Fall of the rebellious angels, The (1554):
            Upper right part of picture
  GIULIO Romano
      St. Michael (C. 1530):
            Lower part of picture
            Upper part of picture
            Upper right part of picture
  LIEVEN van Lathem
      St. Michael (1469):
            Central part of picture
  LIMBOURG brothers
      Mass of St. Michael, The (Before 1416):
            Central part of picture
            Lower part of picture
            Upper part of picture
      St. John the Evangelist on the Island of Patmos (1474-79):
            Upper half of picture
      St. Michael trampling the Satan (1518):
  UNKNOWN; English Master
      Dragon hurls water after the woman clothed in the sun, The (C. 1255-60):
            Heads of dragon
      Woman clothed in the sun, The (C. 1255-60):
  UNKNOWN; Polish Master
      Madonna with Child clothed in sunlight (C. 1450-60):
            Central part of picture