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The Descent of the Spirit

Acts 2:1-13

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      Pentecost (1485-89):
            Central part of picture
            Lower part of picture
            Upper part of picture
  Giotto di Bondone, Attributed to
      Pentecost (C. 1306-12):
            Central part of picture
  JOUVENET, Jean-Baptiste
      Pentecost (C. 1709):
            Left sidewall/ceiling
            Right sidewall/ceiling
  LE BRUN, Charles
      Descent of the Holy Spirit, The (1656-57):
            Upper rigth part of picture
  UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'Vie de Jésus Mafa'
            Mary, upper part of figure
  UNKNOWN; Ottonian Master
      Pentecost (C. 1025 50):
            Central left part of picture
  VRUBEL, Mikhail
      Pentecost (1884):
            Four first apostles from the left
            From the Virgin the three most immediate apostles on the right in picture
            Three first apostles from the right
            Virgin and three most immediate apostles on the left in picture