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Other Portraits of Stephen

Note that the pictures sorted under this heading are interpreted as depicting the protomartyr and archdeacon of Jerusalem, but since there are two other St.s with the same name (a pope and a king), erroneous interpretations are possible

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  Coter, Colijn de, Circle of
      Body discovered and transported (C. 1500):
            Detail from Scene 13: Stephen
      Gamaliel buries the St.; three centuries later, Gamaliel appears to the priest Lucien; Lucien warns the bishop of Jerusalem (C. 1500):
            Detail from scene 9: Stephen
      St. Stephen brought to execution, and the martyrdom of St. Stephen (C. 1500):
            Detail from scene 7: Stephen
      St. Stephen (1490-94):
            Head of Stephen
  Ghirlandaio, Domenico, Workshop of
      St. Stephen (1490-94):
            Head of Stephen
      Burial of Count Orgaz (1586):
            Stephen, and El Greco's son
            Stephen, El Greco's son, and a monk, upper part of figures
  LORENZO Monaco
      Coronation of the Virgin and adoring St.s (1407-09):
            Left wing
  MARIOTTO di Nardo
      St.s Lawrence and Stephen (1408):
            Bust of Lawrence
  Martino di Bartolomeo di Biagio, Attributed to
      St. Stephen (C. 1400):
            Figure in upper part of picture
            Head of Stephen
            Lower part of picture
            Stephen, upper part of figure