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Other Portraits of Martha

Sister of Mary and Lazarus

St. Martha
BURGKMAIR, Hans, the Elder

St.s Peter, Martha, Mary Magdalene, and Leonard

St. Martha
GEORGIN, François

St. Martha of Bethany holding a spoon
JEAN le Tavernier

St. Martha
LA HUERTA, Juan de

St. Lazarus between Martha and Mary
MASTER of Perea

St. Martha
MASTER of the Modena Book of Hours


Mary and Martha
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Bible ABC

St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. Margaret of Antioch, St. Barbara, St. Martha, and St. Christina
UNKNOWN; Netherlandish Master

St. Martha binding a dragon with her girdle and holding an aspergillum and an aspersory
UNKNOWN; Netherlandish Master

St.s Martha, Agnes, and Clara
UNKNOWN; Polish Master