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Mark as a Writer

Attributes of Mark as a writer: Lion (symbol of inspiration), book, scroll, writing equipment

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  BELLINI, Giovanni
      Madonna and Child, St. Mark, St. Augustin, the kneeling Agostino Barbarigo, and musician angels (1488):
            Left side of picture
      St. Mark (1411):
            Head of Mark
            Head of Mark, profile
  DÜRER, Albrecht
      Four holy men, The: Mark and Paul (1526):
            Head of Mark
      Four evangelists in a scriptorium (1539):
            Lower right part of picture
            Upper left part of picture
            Upper right part of picture
      St. Mark enthroned with St.s (1510):
            Roch and Sebastian
            Roch and Sebastian, upper part of figures
  UNKNOWN; French Master
      St. Mark (C. 1425-35):
            Lower part of picture
            Medium high part of picture
  UNKNOWN; Italian Master
      St. Mark (Fourth quarter of the 12th century):
            Lower part of picture