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Other Portraits of James, Son of Zebedee

Disciple, apostle

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St. James the Greater
MASTER of Rieux

Virgin and Child with angels and St.s
MASTER of the Christchurch Coronation

Studies of St. James, the Virgin, and St. Ursula
MASTER of the Drapery Studies

St. James as a pilgrim
MASTER of the First Prayer Book of Maximilian

Raising of Lazarus, The
MASTER of the Kanis Triptych

Apostle St. James and one of his devotees, The
MASTER of the Low Countries

St. James the Great holding a book and a staff
MASTER of the Modena Book of Hours

St. James the Great
Master of the St. Bartholomew Altarpiece, Workshop of

St. James
MASTER Paul of Lőcse

St. Leonard and St. James
MAZZIERE, Agnolo di Domenico del

St. Leonard and St. James
MAZZIERE, Donnino di Domenico del

St. John the Baptist and St. James adoring the enthroned Virgin and Child
MAZZOLA Bedoli, Girolamo

Donors with patron St.s James the Great and Anthony the Great

St. James

St. James the Greater holding a book and a pilgrim's staff
MICHELINO da Besozzo

St. James
MORRIS, William

St. John the Baptist with St. John the Evangelist and St. James
NARDO di Cione

Apostle James the Elder

Virgin and Child with St. James the Great *
PARET y Alcázar, Luis

St. Herculane, bishop of Perugia, and St. James the Greater

St.s Vincent, James, and Eustace
POLLAIOLO, Antonio del

St.s Vincent, James, and Eustace
POLLAIOLO, Piero del

Virgin of the Pillar appearing to St. James the Greater, The
POUSSIN, Nicolas

St. James the Greater
RENI, Guido

St. James the apostle
RUBENS, Peter Paul

Head of St. James, The

Paul and James the Great
SIMONE Martini

St. James Major
Simone Martini, Workshop of

Apostle James the Greater
SOLIS, Virgil

St. James Major

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