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The Throne in Heaven

Revelation 4f.

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  LIMBOURG brothers
      St. John on Patmos (Before 1416):
            Upper part of picture
      St. John the Evangelist on the Island of Patmos (1474-79):
            Upper half of picture
  UNKNOWN; English Master
      Lamb taking the sealed book and an angel and the elders singing praises, The (C. 1255-60):
            Angels in upper right part of picture
  UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'Bamberg Apocalypse', Reichenau, 1000-20
      Adoration of the elders (1000-20):
            Group of elders, upper part of figures
            John, upper part of figure
      Lamb and the book with seven seals, The (1000-20):
            Angel in lower part of picture, upper part of figure
      Vision of God on His throne (1000-20):
            Central part of picture
            Lower central part of picture
            Right group of elders, upper part of figures
            Symbol of John
            Symbol of Luke
            Symbol of Mark
            Symbol of Matthew
            Upper part of picture