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The Expulsion from Eden

Genesis 3:23f.

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      Annunciation, The (1430-32):
            The expulsion
  CHRISTUS, Petrus
      Nativity, The (C. 1445-50):
            Genesis scene: The expulsion from Eden
  COLE, Thomas
      Expulsion from the garden of Eden (1828):
            Upper left part of picture
  GIOVANNI di Paolo
      Annunciation, The (C. 1445):
            Central left part of picture (the expulsion)
            Lower left part of picture
      Creation and the expulsion from the Paradise, The (C. 1445):
  LIMBOURG brothers
      Garden of Eden, The (Before 1416):
            The penalty, the expulsion (right part of picture)
  MAITANI, Lorenzo
      Adam and Eve driven out of Eden (1310-30):
            Right part of picture
      Expulsion from the garden of Eden, The (1426-27):
            Adam and Eve, upper part of constellation
      Fall and expulsion from garden of Eden, The (1509-10):
            The expulsion from Eden (right part of picture)
            The expulsion from Eden, detail of Adam and Eve
            The serpent and the angel
  WEST, Benjamin
      Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise, The (1791):
            Adam, upper part of figure
            Central right part of picture
            Eve, upper part of figure
            Head of angel
            Lower right part of picture
            Upper left part of picture