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51: Have Mercy on Me!

Psalms 51

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Psalm 51 *
BERGER, Moshé Tzvi

David asking forgiveness
CAROLSFELD, Julius Schnorr von

Have mercy on me, O God
CAROLSFELD, Julius Schnorr von

Psalm 51 *

Penance of David, The

Asperges me hyssopo et mundabor
DALÍ, Salvador

Nathan pardons David
FÜHRICH, Joseph Ritter Von

Door of mercy, The
HUGHES, Arthur

Have mercy on me, God, according to Thy great mercy *
ROUAULT, Georges

Wash me, and I will be whiter than snow
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Henry Davenport Northrop's 'Treasures of the Bible', 1894

Wash me and I shall be made whiter than snow
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'St. Albans Psalter', England, first half of 12th century

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