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Satan in Various Compositions

Depictions of Lucifer in various compositions are included under the current heading

Old Dragon, The *
BLAKE, William

Old Dragon, The *
BLAKE, William

Holy Family

Jesus trampling on the snake, with a demon pushed back by king David and an angel
Carracci (one of the Carraccis), School of

Holy Family with an allegory of the redemption, The
Carracci, Lodovico?

Virgin and Child with St. Helena and a monk holding the Devil

Guardian angel pulling a young man, with a love of vanity, from the Devil
Gimignani, Giacinto, Attributed to

St. Margaret with an angel, trampling the Devil under her foot

St. Jerome tormented by the Devil

Satan, Sin, and Death
HOGARTH, William

Holy Family with an allegory of the redemption, The
Mignard, Pierre?

Our Lady of Protection
PAGANI, Giovanni

Man lying in the middle of reeds being tempted by the Devil
ROVERE, Giovanni Battista della

Symbol of St. Matthew
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'Ars memorandi capitula evangeliorum', Germany, c. 1475-1500

Christ is captured
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Jerome Nadal's 'Evangelicae Historiae Imagines', 1593

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