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The Dead Christ with Various People

Artworks sorting under "Pietà", showing only the Virgin and the dead Christ, are normally not connected to the current subject. One may expect to find people like the Virgin, Nicodemus, John the Evangelist, John the Baptist, and Mary Magdalene among those shown with the dead Christ.

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List of artists on this subject

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Angel shows St. Francis the sitting Christ who is taken down from the cross, An
ALLORI, Alessandro

Dead Christ held by the Virgin and an angel, The

Christ at the tomb

Christ adored by the angels, St. Sebastian, and St. Bonaventura

Christ at the tomb with the Madonna, St.s, and an Augustinian monk
BONSI, Giovanni

Dead Christ in Heaven, The

Dead Christ, The

Meditation on the passion, The

Virgin of Pity surrounded by four St.s, The
Carracci (one of the Carraccis), School of

Christ on the knees of his mother, two angels showing his wounds
Carracci, Annibale, After

Dead Christ in the arms of the Virgin, an angel at the right, The
Cigoli, Lodovico, School of

Dead Christ sitting on the knees of Joseph of Arimathea, The
CLOVIO, Giulio

Christ, held by the Virgin, adored by St. Charles Borromée and St. Philip Neri
CONCA, Sebastiano

Dead Christ held by an angel and lamented by the Virgin, The
COURTOIS, Guillaume

Virgin Mary holding Jesus Christ, surrounded by St.s Catherine and Francis
CRAYER, Gaspar de

Central panel of the Triptych of the passion
DOMENICO di Michelino

Magdalene lamenting the dead Christ

Dead Christ supported by an angel and four St.s, The
FIAMMERI, Giovanni Battista

Dead Christ supported by an angel, and four St.s, The
Fiammeri, Giovanni Battista, After

Maria lactans
GOZZOLI, Benozzo

Christ with donors
HENNER, Jean-Jacques

St. adoring the dead Christ on the knees of the Virgin
LE SUEUR, Eustache

LIPPI, Filippino

Dead Christ surronded by the instruments of the passion, with two kneeling St.s
LUINI, Bernardino

Nicodemus with the body of Christ
MADERNO, Stefano

Christ in the tomb between the Virgin and St. John

Christ of Pity surrounded by St. Anthony of Padua, St. Agnes, the Virgin, St. John, St. Catherine, and a bishop
Master of Ocón, Circle of

Dead Christ supported by the Virgin and St. John, The
Master of the Prodigal Son, Workshop of

Half-length of Christ, supported by the Virgin and Mary Magdalene

Kiss of peace, The

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