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John the Baptist with the Lamb of God

Under this heading, even artworks showing the young Baptist with the lamb is included

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  BALDUNG Grien, Hans
      St. Anne with the Christ Child, the Virgin, and St. John the Baptist (C. 1511):
            Head of John
  BOSCH, Hieronymus
      St. John the Baptist in the wilderness (1504-05):
            John the Baptist
            Lower part of picture
      St. John the Baptist (C. 1600):
            Upper part of picture
  Coter, Colijn de, Circle of
      Search ordered by the bishop of Jerusalem, A (C. 1500):
            Detail from scene 12: The banner
  GRÜNEWALD, Matthias
      Crucifixion, The (C. 1515):
            John the Baptist
  Master of Flémalle, Follower of
      Madonna and Child with St.s in the enclosed garden (C. 1440-60):
            John, upper part of figure
      Madonna with St.s, angels and donors (Probably 1478):
            Left wing
      Virgin and Child enthroned (C. 1485):
            Left wing
  Sesto, Cesare da, Attributed to
      Virgin and the Child Jesus with St. Elizabeth, St. John, and St. Michael, The:
            Central left part of picture