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John the Baptist in Various Compositions

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      Madonna enthroned with St.s (1490):
            Head of John the Baptist
  Cimabue, Attributed to
      Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist and St. Peter (Probably c. 1290):
  DOMENICO Veneziano
      Madonna and Child with St.s, The (C. 1445):
            St.s Francis and John the Baptist
  DUCCIO di Buoninsegna
      Mother of God enthroned with the Christ Child, angels and St.s, The (1308-11):
            John the Baptist, Peter, and St. Victor, upper part of figures
            Right part of picture
      Burial of Count Orgaz (1586):
            Upper part of picture
  PIERO della Francesca
      Madonna della misericordia (1460-62):
            Sebastian and John the Baptist
      Madonna of Foligno, The (1511-12):
            John the Baptist, upper part of figure
  SIMONE Martini
      Madonna with angels and St.s (1315):
            Right crowd
            Right part of picture