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Salvator Mundi in Various Compositions

Salvator Mundi: Blessing Christ, usually with an orb

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Coronation of Mary, The
Adair Master, Follower of

God and several St.s assisting at the foundation of Santa Maria della Neve
CELIO, Gaspare


Coronation of the Virgin, The
DÜRER, Albrecht

Christ and the Virgin appearing to St. Francis of Assisi

Triumph of Christ, The
FÜHRICH, Joseph Ritter Von

Madonna and Child surrounded by St.s
GOZZOLI, Benozzo

Triumph of St. Thomas Aquinas
GOZZOLI, Benozzo

Martyrs and St.s worshipping the Lamb of God

David at prayer
Jean le Tavernier, Follower of

Christ with saints contrasted with the bad behaviour of the Romans
MAÎTRE François

David as psalmist, praying before the true God
MAÎTRE François

Discussion on fate as God's will: Dancing men and women. People praying to Christ.
MAÎTRE François

God as the giver of felicity and eternal life
MAÎTRE François

Men at work. God as Salvator Mundi. Devils between men and God (background).
MAÎTRE François

Men kneeling before Christ. Devils mocking and torturing men (background).
MAÎTRE François

Miracles performed by the true God
MAÎTRE François

Money-lender, God, and praying men: The love of fame among men must not be stronger than the love of God
MAÎTRE François

Philosophers may attain happiness loving God
MAÎTRE François

Poverty of the avaricious: The misers sitting before Avarice and a table. The riches of the wise. Christians kneeling before God.
MAÎTRE François

Virtues of the Romans rewarded by God with terrestrial glory for the Roman Empire, The
MAÎTRE François

Small Virgin of Einsiedeln, The

Christ and Mary enthroned in Heaven with St.s
MASTER of Jean Rolin II

Christ and St.s
PETRUS de Raimbaucourt

Coronation of the Virgin
SITTOW, Michel

Trinity in glory, The

Gloria, The
Titian, After

Conversion of St. Paul, The
UNKNOWN; Flemish Master

Christ, represented as Salvator Mundi, blessing Mary after the coronation in Heaven
UNKNOWN; French Master

Coronation of Mary by God the Father, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, The
UNKNOWN; French Master

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