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The Crucified Christ in Various Compositions

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      Mystic bath, The (C. 1525):
            Central panel
      Creation of man, The (C. 1956-58):
            Jesus on the cross
  CONEGLIANO, Giambattista Cima da
      St. Jerome in the wilderness (C. 1500-05):
            Central part of picture
            Christ, upper part of figure
            Head of Jerome
            Jerome, cut at top and bottom, and lion
            Jerome, upper part of figure
            Knees of Jerome
            Lower left corner o picture
            Lower right part of picture
            Upper cental part of picture
            Upper left part of picture
  DALÍ, Salvador
      Christ of St. John of the Cross (1951):
            Cut at bottom
      St. Jerome penitent (C. 1509-12):
            Animals in medium high part of left panel
            Background castle on left panel, legs of Christ
            Bust of Jerome
            Cave entrance
            Christ, upper part of figure
            Figures approaching cave entrance
            Figures in stairs above cave entrance
            Jerome, lower part of figure
            Jerome, medium high part of figure
            Lion's head
            Lower part of left panel
            Medium high part of left panel
            Medium high part of right panel
            Rock above figures approaching cave entrance
            Upper part of left panel
            Upper part of right panel
  ISLE-ADAM (Manufacturers)
      At Calvary (Between 1921 and 1940):
            Rear view
  LOTTO, Lorenzo
      Nativity (1523):
            Upper left part of picture, with crucifix
      Scenes from the passion of Christ (1470-71):
            Right side of picture