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The Holy Spirit in Various Compositions

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Study for David
MOREAU, Gustave

Child Jesus between the Virgin and St. Joseph, The
MURILLO, Bartolomé Esteban

Four evangelists, The

Virgin of Humility with eight angels, The
NICCOLÒ di Pietro Gerini

Marriage of the Virgin, The
Parmigianino, After

Presepio, The

Ananias giving St. Paul his sight back
Pietro da Cortona, After

POUSSIN, Nicolas

Visitation, The
Ramenghi, Bartolommeo, Circle of

Marriage of the Virgin, The
Raphael, After Workshop of

Marriage of the Virgin, The
Raphael, After Workshop of

Glory of St. Dominic, The
RENI, Guido

RIJCKERE, Bernaert de

Madonna of the stonemasons
ROBBIA, Andrea della

Girlhood of Mary the Virgin, The
ROSSETTI, Dante Gabriel

Nativity, The
SANO di Pietro

Madonna and Child

Conversions of the Samaritans, and the Ethiopian eunuch
SCHEITS, Matthias

SCHEITS, Matthias

Worshipers of God and worshipers of idols
SCHEITS, Matthias

Madonna della misericordia
SCOTTI, Gottardo

Saul healed

Assumption of St. Clare, The
SOLIMENA, Francesco

Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, The

Holy Family
Titian, Follower of

UNKNOWN; English Master

Virgin and Child with St. Anne
UNKNOWN; Flemish Master

Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel
UNKNOWN; French Master

Flight into Egypt, The
UNKNOWN; French Master

Regina angelorum
UNKNOWN; French Master

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