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The Trinity with the Crucified Christ

The word "Trinity" does not appear in the Bible. The idea behind the word is definitely biblical, though. The Trinity is, of course, the God of both testaments. The physical appearances of God in the NT (e.g. Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit as a dove) is focused in the artwork dealing with the Trinity.

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  DÜRER, Albrecht
      Adoration of the Trinity (1511):
            Crowd in upper left part of picture
            Lower central part of picture
            Lower crowd in left part of picture, upper left part of crowd
            Lower crowd in right part of picture, upper right part of crowd
            Lower right corner of picture
            Lower right part of picture
      Trinity (1425-28):
            John, upper part of figure
            Mary, upper part of figure
  UNKNOWN; French Master
      Trinity and angels (C. 1400-10):
            Upper part of artwork