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The Trinity in Various Compositions

The word "Trinity" does not appear in the Bible. The idea behind the word is definitely biblical, though. The Trinity is, of course, the God of both testaments. The physical appearances of God in the NT (e.g. Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit as a dove) is focused in the artwork dealing with the Trinity.

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Holy Trinity, St. Jerome, and two St.s, The
ANDREA del Castagno

Disputation over the Trinity
ANDREA del Sarto

Legend of St. Thomas Aquinas
ASSERETO, Gioacchino

Ascension of Elijah to Heaven, The
Baciccio, Il, Attributed to

Trinity and mystic pietà, The
BALDUNG Grien, Hans

St. Francis interceding for the souls in purgatory
BARBELLA, Giovanni Giacomo

Dominicans adoring the Trinity
Barbiani, Giovanni Battista, Attributed to

Trinity, The
BARNABA da Modena

Madonna and Child with St.s

St. Thibaud, preast and hermite
BASSET (Basset Md d'Estampes et Fabricant de Papiers Peint, Paris)

Adoration of the name of Jesus, The

Assumption of the Virgin, The
BENSO, Giulio

Holy Family
BERANGIER, Jean-Baptiste

St. Carlo Borromeo

Holy Trinity with Mary Magdalene, St. John the Baptist, and Tobias and the angel

St. Augustin

CADES, Giuseppe

Deliverance of the souls from purgatory

Mass of the foundation of the Order of the Holy Trinity, The
CARREÑO de Miranda, Juan

Holy Trinity, the Virgin Mary, St. John the Baptist, and other St.s, The
CASOLANI, Alessandro

Madonna of humility with the eternal Father in glory, the dove of the Holy Spirit, and the twelve apostles
CENNI di Francesco di ser Cenni

Anne of Austria
CHAMPAIGNE, Philippe de

Anne of Austria and her sons kneeling before the Holy Trinity
CHAMPAIGNE, Philippe de

Martyrdom of St. Stephen, The
CIGOLI, Lodovico

Holy Family
COELLO, Claudio

Holy Trinity with St.s in Heaven, the Garden of Eden below, The
COMPAGNO, Scipione

Christ, held by the Virgin, adored by St. Charles Borromée and St. Philip Neri
CONCA, Sebastiano

Clorification of St. Cecilia, The
CONCA, Sebastiano

Heavenly glory, The
CORNEILLE, Michel, the Younger

Man of Sorrows
CORNELISZ van Oostsanen, Jacob

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