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God the Creator

According to the doctrine of God creating the world by His Word, God as Creator is often depicted as Christ

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  CAROLSFELD, Julius Schnorr von
      Creation, day three (1851-60):
  MAÎTRE François
      God at the beginning of the creation (C. 1475-80):
            Circle of creation
      Creation of Adam (1510):
            Head of God
      Creation of Eve (1509-10):
            Mainly God
      Creation of the sun, moon, and plants (1511):
            Detail of heavenly host
            God, left side of picture
            God, right side of picture
            Head of God
      Separation of light from darkness (1511):
            God, lower part
            God, upper part
      Separation of the earth from the waters (1511):
            God, central part of picture
            Left part of picture
            Right part of picture
  PISANO, Andrea
      Creation of Eve, The (1336-43):
            Left part of picture
  UCCELLO, Paolo
      Creation of the animals and creation of Adam (1432-36):
            Creation of Adam
            Creation of the animals
  UNKNOWN; German Master
      Creation of the world, The (C. 1170s):
            Head of God
  UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'Aberdeen Bestiary', England, c. 1200
      Creation of the animals, The (C. 1200):
            Upper part of picture