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The Queen of Sheba and Solomon, and the True Cross

The Legend of the true cross is a part of the Golden Legend. The tree that grew on Adam's grave was chopped down, but as its wood could not be used for anything, the trunk was thrown across a stream to serve as a bridge. The Queen of Sheba, on her way to King Solomon, was about to step on the bridge, when she heard a divine message that the Savior would be crucified on the cross from this wood. She knelt in veneration. Then the Queen hurried to the King Solomon to tell him about her vision. Solomon ordered the bridge to be removed, and the wood, which would cause the end of the kingdom of the Jews, to be buried.

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Burial of the wood
GIOVANNI da Piamonte

Adoration of the holy wood
PIERO della Francesca

Meeting of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, The
PIERO della Francesca