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The Instruments of the Passion

The following items may be depicted in artwork showing the instruments of the passion: Basin, cock, coins, cross, crown of thorns, dice, grail, hammer, hand, label (with the inscription "INRI"), ladder, lance, lantern, nails, pillar, reed, scourge, sponge, textiles (blindfold, robe, shroud, sudarium), tomb, and tongs. The current heading is used when the instruments are depicted apart from the historical context.

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Angel carrying the cross, An
ABBATE, Niccolò dell'

Two cherubim sitting on the clouds carrying the cross
ABBATE, Niccolò dell'

In the name of humanity
ANDERS, Dagmar

Instruments of the passion carried by angels, The
ANDREASI, Ippolito

ANGO, Jean-Robert

Sacrifice, The

Christ of sorrows, with the instruments of the passion
Bandinelli, Baccio, After

Signing of the treaty
BASSET (Basset Md d'Estampes et Fabricant de Papiers Peint, Paris)

Angels carrying the cross
BEINASCHI, Giovanni Battista

Scene of the crucifixion
BELLETESTE, Jean Antoine

Scene of the crucifixion
BELLETESTE, Jean Antoine

Blood of the Redeemer, The
BELLINI, Giovanni

Christ Child surrounded by the instruments of the passion, The

Worship of the inscribed tablet from the cross, The

Mass of St. Gregory the Great, The
Bening, Simon, Follower of

Angel of the crown of thorns, The
BERNINI, Gian Lorenzo

Angel of the superscription, The
BERNINI, Gian Lorenzo

Communion cup

Decoration of an arcade: Angels carrying the instruments of the passion

Holy bishop sitting, and two angels of which one holds a cross, A

Two angels in the air, carrying a cross
Bouchardon, Edmé, Attributed to

Angels presenting the instruments of the passion of Christ, The
BRAMER, Leonaert

Crown of thorns
Brunel, Louis Raymond Henry, Attributed to

Triumph of the cross
CAJÉS, Eugenio

Jesus Christ in heavenly glory

Five angels carrying the instruments of the passion
CAMPI, Giulio

Christ with the symbols of the passion, surrounded by angels

Lamentation over the dead Christ by the Virgin, angels, and St.s
Carracci, Annibale, After

Study for the decoration of an arch, with angels carrying the instruments of the passion
Carracci, Lodovico, Attributed to

Four studies for the Christ Child holding the instruments of the passion
CASOLANI, Alessandro

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