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Christ in Various Compositions

When it is hard to decide whether the artist depicts Christ or God the Father as part of a composition with other prominent elements, the artwork will normally sort under "God the Father in Various Compositions". If an artwork is connected to one of the related subjects listed below, it will normally not sort under the heading above.

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List of artists on this subject

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Priest giving the extreme unction to a dying, A
ALLEGRINI, Francesco

St. Julian and the Redeemer
ANDREA del Castagno

Madonna and Child
ANDREA di Bartolo

Angels and Christ

Tree of Jesse, The
Aurifaber Workshop, Associate of

St. Martin of Tours

Vision of St. Jerome

Mankind beset by devils
BOSCH, Hieronymus

Coming of the messenger of the Lord, The

Evangelist St. John writing, The

High priest and his men keep their ears shut as St. Stephen delivers a speech, The

Plague from the seventh vial, The: Hail

St. Matthias chosen as an apostle

St. Peter preaching, the Holy Spirit descends upon Cornelius and his family

Martyrdom of St. Peter and St. Paul, The
CARRACCI, Lodovico

Death of the Virgin, The
Carracci, Lodovico, Attributed to

Death of the Virgin, The
Carracci, Lodovico, Attributed to

Christ receiving a soul from the purgatory, in a glory of angels
CASOLANI, Alessandro

Glorification of St. Magdalene
CAZES, Romain

Souls of the purgatory, The
CHAMPAIGNE, Philippe de

Study for a tabernacle held by angels
CIGOLI, Lodovico

St. Vincent Ferrer
COSSA, Francesco del

Immaculate conception with St. Anselm and St. Martin
CRESPI, Giuseppe Maria

Adoration of Christ the king

Glorification of St. Anthony of Padua
CRETI, Donato

Glorification of St. Bernardine of Siena
CRETI, Donato

John the Baptist
CROCEFISSI, Simone dei

Dormition of the Virgin Mary
CZARNY, Marcin

Glory of Paradise, The
Ferri, Ciro, After

Heavenly host with God the Father and Christ, over a fortress, A
Folli, Sebastiano, Attributed to

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