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Other Appearances of Christ to St.s and Others

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Christ as pilgrim received by two Dominicans

Blessed abbess receiving the communion from the hands of Christ, A

Christ appearing to St. John of God
Baldi, Lazzaro, Attributed to

St. Catherine of Siena receiving the stigmata

Apparition of Our Lord to St. John of the Cross
BÉNÉZET, Bernard

Mystic communion of St. Catherine of Siena, The
BENOUVILLE, François-Léon

Vision of St. Augustine, The
BISCAINO, Bartolomeo

Jesus appearing to St. Catherine of Sienna
Bloemaert, Abraham, Style of

Christ baptizing St. John Martyr, Duke of Alexandria

Angel crowning a nun adoring Christ, An

Christ carrying the cross appearing to a St.

Communion of St. Rosalie of Palermo

Vision of Vision de Marguerite Marie, sister of the Visitation
CAMBON, Armand

Virgin crowned by Christ, appearing to two bishops, The
Carracci (one of the Carraccis), School of

Christ appearing to St. Anthony Abbot during his temptation
CARRACCI, Annibale

Christ, standing close to the Virgin, blessing St. Francis of Assisi
CARRACCI, Annibale

St. Francis in adoration before Christ, the Virgin, and St. John
CARRACCI, Lodovico

Virgin presenting a St. to Jesus Christ, The
CARRACCI, Lodovico

Appearance of Christ to St. Therese
Carracci, Lodovico, Attributed to

St. Catherine of Siena kneeling, choosing the crown of thorns
CASOLANI, Alessandro

Christ appearing to St. Ignatius
CAZES, Romain

Frontispiece: Christ appearing to the priests
CHAUVEAU, François

Vision of St. Margaret, The

Christ appears to the Virgin, whose feet Jerome is kissing
CIOLI, Valerio di Simone

St. Dominic presenting to Christ the St.s of the Dominican Order

Christ appearing to the founder of the pious schools
CONCA, Sebastiano

Appearance of Jesus Christ to St. Catherine of Siena
CORNEILLE, Michel, the Younger

Stigmatization of St. Francis, The
CORNEILLE, Michel, the Younger

Three figures adoring the Virgin and Christ who are sitting on the clouds
CORONA, Leonardo

Christ appearing to St. Anthony, who is tortured by demons
CRESPI, Daniele

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