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Hezekiah's Cultic Reforms

2 Kings 18:3f.; 2 Chronicles 29:2-31:21

Hezekiah destroys the sacred items
LUIKEN, Caspar (Dutch, 1672-1708)

King Hezekiah orders the destruction of idols
MERIAN, Matthaeus, the Elder

Hezekiah's reforms
Merian, Matthaeus, the Elder, Copy after

Hezikiah removes the bronze serpent
PHILIPPOTEAUX, Henri Félix Emmanuel

Hezekiah's reforms
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'Biblia, das ist, Die ganze Heilige Schrifft...', Martin Luther (author), Nuremberg (?), 17th century

Hezekiah's reforms
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of 'L'Histoire du Vieux et du Nouveau Testament', Nicolas Fontaine (author), 1670

Hezekiah breaks Moses's brazen serpent
UNKNOWN; Illustrator of Petrus Comestor's 'Bible Historiale', France, 1372

Hezekiah's reforms
UNKNOWN; Master Connected to the Protestant Reformation Era Writings

Then the priests and the Levites arose and blessed the people
UNKNOWN; No Artist Information Available

Messengers went out *

Receiving the gifts offered to the Lord and ... distributing them *

Hezekiah's reforms
WEIGEL, Johann Christoph

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