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The Banquet

Matthew 14:6-12; Mark 6:21-29

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      Herod's banquet (1427):
            Central background window
            Herod, upper part of figure
            Left and central background window
            Left part of artwork
            Right part of artwork
      Herod's banquet (1486-90):
            Dancing of the daughter of Herodias
  Gilabertus, Attributed to
      Death of John the Baptist, The (Between 1120 and 1140):
            Left side of sculpture
            Right side of sculpture
  GIOTTO di Bondone
      Feast of Herod (1320):
            Musician in the left part of picture
            The banquet
            Two figures in intense communication, right edge of banquet area, upper part of figures
  GIUSTO de' Menabuoi
      Herod's banquet:
            Upper part of picture
  GOZZOLI, Benozzo
      Dance of Salome, The (1461-62):
            Central left part of picture
            Central right part of picture
            Centre of picture
            Right part of picture
  LIPPI, Fra Filippo
      Feast of Herod, The: Salome's dance (C. 1460-64):
            Herodias (?)
            Main part of picture
      Beheading of St. John the Baptist (1474-79):
            Dancing of Herodias' daughter
  MOREAU, Gustave
      Apparition, The (1874-76):
            Daughter of Herodias
      Salome (C. 1874):
  WEYDEN, Rogier van der
      Beheading of John the Baptist, The (1455-60):
            Head of Herodia's daughter and the presentation of the head