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† Artwork: Heaven's table
† Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
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† Notes: Artist's comment: "When your mind is prone to think about Heaven, do you ever imagine that it will include much of what we are already used to? Eating and drinking for example. Sure, I know the food will be better than anything we can cook now, but just the fact that we will sit around a table and enjoy the company of saints is quite reassuring, and I must admit, exciting to me. I am looking forward to a lunch where Michaelangelo pulls up a chair next to me to talk art. Maybe heíll even say, ďplease pass the Italian breadĒ! Then, as I look to the other side of the table, I see us being served by angels, as I glance pass Abraham Lincoln about to take a seat. Think of the conversation that would ensue. Itís quite possible that those who have gone before us might have as many questions for us as we have for them! No doubt that the greatest time will be when the One with the nail pierced hands reaches over to pass me the goblet with a refreshing drink. Iím sure my hand will be shaking a bit as I take it from Him, because I will probably be concentrating on His eyes looking into mine." Perhaps if we knew our Bibles better, we would think of these wonderful things and allow a wild imagination to enthrall us about whatís in store, even though we will not be capable of imagining but a small part of Heavenís joys.
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† Subject: At the Table in God's Kingdom

† Hosts: Tapestry Productions †[IMAGE]