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  Artwork: Forerunner, The
  Artist: DICIANNI, Ron
  Notes: Artist's comment: "I tried to portray John’s beginning as a baby like all of us, showing his future in the distance. The lightning symbolizes the tumultuous life he would experience. The hand intersecting the baby would, at first, be thought of as the tender hand of old Zechariah about to gently alight on his boy. I made it larger and more “heavenly” to make a bigger statement, though. The hand of God was on John from the beginning. John was set apart for service to God from conception. Guess what? We are too. Psalm 4:3 says, “The Lord has set apart the Godly for Himself.” Talk about feeling special! Our part is to surrender to Him. If God has a job for our children, will we entrust them to God? I represented Elizabeth and Zechariah in the folds of the arm as though they are looking on. It seems Zechariah wasn’t that faithless after all!"
  Subject: Other Portraits of John the Baptist
The Beheading of John
Other Portraits of John the Baptist as a Child

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